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GSAtrain About Us 

About Us

GSAtrain’s Leadership:

GSAtrain leads with a proven record in teaching, training, and learning. Guided by a 15-year veteran of the training industry, GSAtrain’s CEO sets a cutting-edged pace in traditional and newly released Microsoft technology and desktop offerings. The Director of Operations is a veteran of the university classroom and provides guidance in the company’s direction and training and oversees all training. The IT Director is a veteran of Microsoft Learning and brings his deployment skills to all training occurring at GSAtrain. All instructors are Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT's) and possess credentials in the subject matter they teach, from university degrees to Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS's) to Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP's). In addition, every staff member at GSAtrain, from the CEO to account executives, possesses at least one Microsoft credential, some several. GSAtrain staff lead by example, taking action and responsibility for professional learning and growth.


GSAtrain’s Guidance


Through passion and excellence in personalized learning, GSAtrain empowers clients to
realize potential and effectiveness that exceeds their expectations, making a difference in their
Personal and professional lives.



To minimize the gaps in participants’ knowledge, skill and productivity, GSAtrain meets clients’ professional learning needs by:

·         Providing hands-on, relevant, prescriptive instructional methods.
·         Offering expertise in four core areas: Office PC, technical courses, business skills, and project management.
·         Assisting clients to identify their training needs and develop learning plans to address them.
·         Building in follow-up to ensure clients’ return on training investment.
·         Customizing courseware and curricula to articulate learning with work.
·         Delivering convenient learning experiences anytime, anywhere.


To fulfill the commitment to our mission, GSAtrain employs the following operational values:


·         Learning. You can rely on us to remain on the cutting edge of technology and training, with up-to-date, certified curriculum and credentialed, enthusiastic instructors.
·         Trust. You can depend on us to “walk our talk” to the best of our ability, to have confidence in the reputation we’ve earned through personalized interactions everyday with clients and their learning.
·         Agility. You can count on us to adjust at any given moment to deliver the results we promised, anytime, anywhere.
·         Relationships. You can anticipate us to exceed your expectations as we learn from each other—sharing skills, resources, and experiences of mutual benefit.
·         Success. You can depend on us to really care about your success, for therein lies ours.