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How, When and Where GSAtrain 

How, When and Where GSAtrain?

With GSAtrain, participants always have a Microsoft-certified instructor who personalizes learning. Whether sitting in a GSAtrain classroom, a client’s training room or attending a GSAtrain virtual class, learners use newly gained knowledge to develop skills as they practice learning in labs or other hands-on activities.
How? GSAtrain instructors make every effort to provide a rich learning and training experience for everyone. GSAtrain offers proven, flexible and varied adult learning methods — centering on hands-on  learning — because different people learn in different ways. Rather than “cookie-cutter” training situations, GSAtrain provides an educational experience that delivers exactly what participants need to know based on job responsibilities and skill levels.
When? At the convenience of the learners. Training at GSAtrain keeps the customer in mind and provides a time and place that best meets the schedule of the class participants. 
Where? Anywhere that is convenient for the participants. GSAtrain's mobile lab of laptops can turn conference rooms into training rooms, saving clients travel time and expense. Virtual training rooms with chat and forum features supply limitless convenience and geographical accessibility