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BA312 - Managing Business Requirements for IT Projects


Duration: 3 Days

Audience: IT Professionals



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Course Information

Course Description

Despite our best efforts to deploy good project management methods, IT projects continue to struggle to meet the needs of stakeholders.  In fact, the data show that our IT project failures typically aren’t created by bad hardware, bad software, lack of resources, budget over-runs, and schedule complications.  IT projects fail most often because of requirements problems.  And though many IT organizations have adopted PMBOK® Guide based project management processes, they don’t have solid requirements management processes.

Fortunately, a standard for requirements management has been promulgated and is continuing to be refined.  That standard is detailed in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, the BABOK™, which has been crafted by the International Association of Business Analysts (IIBA™).
This workshop, which can be delivered in a one-day overview or a two-day or three-day more-detailed format, is designed to provide a set of tools for IT project managers or those engaged in the requirements process that will allow them to deliver more successful projects.  It provides techniques for planning the requirements effort, eliciting user and supplementary requirements from stakeholders, analyzing requirements for accuracy and completeness, and ensuring that the solution contains the expected requirements.  It addresses the “hard skills” of requirements management and the “soft skills” that are necessary for managing the extensive conflict implicit in requirements elicitation and management and the expectations of stakeholders.
The workshop can also provide frameworks for building or improving organizational requirements management processes.​

Course Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are to introduce skills, concepts and strategies to:

  • Explore the challenges of IT requirements elicitation and management
  • Present best-practice methods as defined by the IIBA™’s BABOK®, Version 1.6 ( updated to Version 2.0 upon its release in the 4th quarter of 2008)
  • Create an appreciation for the importance of requirements management in creating IT project success and satisfying stakeholders
  • Assist participants to create a requirements management process that works for them
  • Identify project management methods and tools that can assist in requirements elicitation and management
  • Apply the methods learned in practical exercises
  • Build the competence of participants so that they can more effectively manage the requirements of their IT projects​

Course Audience

Course Outline

  • Module 1:  Introduction to the workshop
  • Module 2:  Introduction to requirements management, the BABOK®, the definitions of requirements, the challenges of requirements and creating good requirements
  • Module 3:  The link between requirements and project management, roles and responsibilities, using project tools to manage requirements
  • Module 4:  The requirements cycle and creating an effective process
  • Module 5:  Enterprise analysis and process mapping
  • Module 6:  Requirements planning, the identification of the scope of the requirements phase, managing requirements risk
  • Module 7:  Requirements elicitation, the challenges of elicitation, the methods for effective elicitation, choosing the appropriate methods, creating the requirements list, including user and supplementary requirements
  • Module 8: Requirements documentation and analysis, the methods for effective documentation and analysis, choosing the appropriate methods, creating the requirements package
  • Module 8: Requirements validation and assessment, requirements tracking, requirements testing, getting sign-off
  • Module 9:  Requirements communication, managing expectations, dealing with conflict, making the requirements presentation
  • ​Module 10: Workshop wrap-up and capstone exercise​​​

Course Prerequisites

Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.