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RD-400 - Crystal Reports 10 Applying Report Design Methodology & Expertise


Duration: 3 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

This three-day instructor-led course is designed to give the learner comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge for planning and developing reports using a step-by-step development methodology. Learners will also apply the report design skills they have learned and practiced in prerequisite report design courses to several advanced report design scenarios.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define steps for report development.
  • Define user needs.
  • Create a report specification document.
  • Document and support reports.
  • Apply report design concepts to advanced reporting scenarios.

Course Audience

This course is designed for report designers who are responsible for creating and distributing reports for their customers.

Course Outline

I. Defining the Steps for Report Development

  • Describing the advantages of using a methodology
  • Defining the 7 steps in report development
  • Describing the importance of completing all 7 steps

II. Defining user needs

  • Defining business needs
  • Defining technical requirements
  • Define user requirements

III. Creating a report specification document

  • Defining what a specification document is
  • Defining who uses a specification document
  • Describing the specification document template
  • Organizing and inserting information into the document
  • Getting sign-off on the specification document
  • Displaying group headings in cross-tabs w/no details
  • Applying several parameters to a report
  • Displaying quarterly data differently than the default
  • Displaying totals as percentages in cross-tabs
  • Documenting and supporting reports
  • Using naming conventions
  • Commenting report formulas
  • Tracking and documenting objects used in reports
  • Defining the report definition file
  • Contacting technical support
  • Locating and searching the knowledgebase

IV. Applying Report Design Concepts to Advanced Reporting Scenarios

  • Applying leading zeros to a number
  • Calculating average time for date-time values
  • Displaying groups only if they contain certain detail values
  • Displaying data grouped by weeks starting with Fridays
  • Display a group value in a group tree that has no details
  • Displaying records based on today’s date
  • Displaying names with leading uppercase characters​w

Course Prerequisites

In this course you will be working intensively with Crystal Reports. To successfully understand the content and complete the activities, we recommend that you have taken:

  • RD-200Crystal Reports 10: Report Design I – Fundamentals of Report Design
  • RD-201Crystal Reports 10: Report Design II - Business Reporting Solutions
  • RD-300Crystal Reports 10: Report Design III - Report Processing Strategies
  • Crystal Reports 10: Report Design IV - Optimizing Report Data (e-learning)

And one of the following:

  • Crystal Reports 10: Creating Complex Formulas for Finance (e-learning)
  • Crystal Reports 10: Creating and Using SQL Commands (e-learning)
  • Crystal Reports 10: Reporting from OLAP Data Sources (e-learning)

For more information about e-learning classes, visit the Comsys Web site.

Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.