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RD-210R2 - Crystal Reports XI R1/R2: Business Reporting Solutions (RD II)


Duration: 2 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

​This course is designed to give learners comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and create reports that will help them analyze and interpret information.

As a business benefit, learners will find that their increased understanding of formulas, variables, arrays, templates, parameters, summaries, and sections will help them make more effective report design decisions and create more efficient reports.

Course Objectives

​At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use the repository.
  • Create formulas.
  • Manage reports.
  • Use variables and arrays.
  • Create templates.
  • Build parameterized reports.
  • Summarize data with cross tabs.
  • Use report sections.
  • Build specialized reports.

Course Audience

​The target audience for this course is report designers who are responsible for creating and distributing reports and have completed RD-110, Crystal Reports XI: Report Design I - Fundamentals of Report Design.

Course Outline

Using the Repository

  • Using the repository
  • Creating a report from a repository data source

Creating Formulas

  • Using functions and operators
  • Defining control structures available in Crystal Reports Syntax

Managing Reports

  • Using the Workbench
  • Publishing reports to BusinessObjects Enterprise

Using Variables and Arrays

  • Using variables
  • Using arrays

Building Parameterized Reports

  • Defining and creating parameters
  • Building a report with multiple parameters
  • Using edit masks and descriptions
  • Creating a date range parameter
  • Grouping using parameters

Using Report Templates

  • Applying report templates
  • Building a template without a data source
  • Removing a template

Summarizing Data with Cross-Tabs

  • Building a basic cross-tab
  • Formatting a cross-tab

Using Report Sections

  • Using sections
  • Using group related functions to format sections
  • Using section underlay
  • Using multiple column reporting

Building Specialized Reports

  • Using the Running Total Expert
  • Creating a form letter
  • Adding a hyperlink to a report
  • Using Dynamic Graphic Locations
  • Building a report with alerts
  • Building a top N report

Course Prerequisites

​To be successful, learners who attend this course must have working knowledge of:

  • Windows conventions
  • Basic database concepts
Students must also have:
  • Completed RD-110, Crystal Reports XI: Report Design I - Fundamentals of Report Design.
Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.