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S-300 - PHP Fundamentals


Duration: 3 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

​This workshop introduces the student to the essential concepts and uses of PHP.

The learning objectives of this course include:
  • The fundamental concepts of PHP
  • How to PHP Commands and HTML forms to Instert data into, and retrieve data from a MySQL database
  • How to set-up data-drilldown web pages with master and detail pages

Course Objectives

Course Audience

​No typical audience.

Course Outline

PHP Overview, Installation and Configuration

  • Intro to PHP: Client-server model; Implementation
  • Learn how a web server handles PHO scripts with embedded HTML
  • Practical methods of PHP Installation on Windows: Configuring PHP using php.ini; Getting installation information using the phpinfo() function

PHP Programming Basics

  • Introduction to the various parts of PHP programming language syntax and how it can dynamically generate HTML web pages
  • Variables: What are they? What types exist? How are they used?

Program Control Flow

  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Construct pitfalls

Form Data Capture and Email Disbursement

  • Capture form data on the server
  • Email form data or store it in a database

Associative Arrays

  • Examine Each Variation
  • Numerically indexed
  • Associative Arrays

Database Recordsets

  • MySQL (an open source relational database)
  • MS Access

Database Queries with DBI and DBD

  • DBI - "Database Independent"
  • DBD - "Database Dependent"
  • How to connect to several databases using "Structured Query Language" (SQL)
    • Any ODBC - compliant database on Windows (including MS Access)
    • A MySQL database server
    • A tab-delimited flat file (text)

Updating and Inserting Table Rows

  • Change content of a table
  • Update existing rows
  • Insert new rows

Outputting a Recordset as XML

  • Learn to use the DBIx::XML_RBD module: Turn a simple database into a real database server that can be queried from across the web with the help of a web server and some Perl scripts

Course Prerequisites

​Before attending this course, students should have:

  • Experience with at least one programming language
  • Ability to hand code HTML
The course materials, lectures, and lab exercises are in English. To benefit fully from our instruction, students need an understanding of the English language and completion of the prerequisites.
Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.