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6501 - Introduction to HTML


Duration: 2 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

​This course is for students new to HTML. It begins with an introduction to web technologies and then provides a comprehensive overview of HTML

Course Objectives


  • Learn the basics of Web development
  • Learn the difference between HTML and XHTML
  • Learn to create links in HTML documents
  • Learn to add images to HTML documents
  • Learn to create HTML tables
  • Learn to create forms in HTML

Course Audience

​Not limited to a particular audience.

Course Outline

​Course Outline

  • A Quick Overview of Web Development
  • Client-side Programming
  • Server-side Programming
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Getting Started
  • A Simple HTML Document
  • The HTML Skeleton
  • HTML Elements
  • XHTML vs. HTML
  • Special Characters
  • lang and xml:lang
  • Paragraphs, Headings and Text
  • Paragraphs
  • Breaks and Horizontal Rules
  • Creating an HTML Page
  • Quoted Text
  • Preformatted Text
  • Phrase Elements
  • Formatting Elements
  • Documenting Changes
  • HTML Links
  • Text Links
  • Absolute vs. Relative Paths
  • Targeting New Windows
  • Email Links
  • Adding Links
  • Anchors
  • The title Attribute
  • HTML Images
  • Inserting Images
  • Image Links
  • Adding Images to the Page
  • HTML Lists
  • Unordered Lists
  • Ordered Lists
  • Definition Lists
  • Creating Lists
  • HTML Tables
  • Creating Tables
  • Attributes
  • Merging Cells
  • Creating Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • How HTML Forms Work
  • The < form> Tag
  • Form Elements
  • Creating a Registration Form
  • Adding Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • Adding a Select Menu and a Text area

Course Prerequisites

The course materials, lectures, and lab exercises are in English. To benefit fully from our instruction, students need an understanding of the English language and completion of the prerequisites.

Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.