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Course Description

HTML and CSS are the two languages that shape most websites on the internet. HTML dictates the content of a website (text, images, and media plugins) and CSS defines the style (colors, fonts, and layouts). Although HTML4 and CSS2 have been foundational in the development of a functional and stylistic internet, HTML5 and CSS3 represent the next step in web technologies.

 HTML5 and CSS3 are expected to become dominant technologies in developing interactive and aesthetically-appealing websites, and AcademyX's HTML5 training class will enable you to begin authoring, testing, and publishing content in these languages today, even as the standard itself continues to evolve.

Your instructor brings years of web development and design experience to the classroom as well as a thorough understanding of the evolving technologies which comprise both HTML5 and CSS3. With AcademyX's teaching staff, you will not only learn the cutting edges that you will be able to apply your new knowledge faster.

Course Objectives

​Learn HTML5 and CSS3 alongside their incorporation in the emerging/evolving tehnologies.

Course Audience

​No typical audience.

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Experience writing HTML and CSS HTML5/CSS3 training is offered at these locations::
  • HTML5/CSS3 training in San Francisco
  • HTML5/CSS3 training in Los Angeles
  • HTML5/CSS3 training in San Jose
  • HTML5/CSS3 training in Sacramento
Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.