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QSSP - SharePoint 2007 Introduction


Duration: 1 Day




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Course Information

Course Description

​In almost every office around the world, people communicate and share ideas to create products and services. This information sharing often requires multiple software and web applications that do not necessarily work together perfectly. SharePoint is a tool that makes it easier for people to share important information and collaborate on tasks, documents, and projects. This course is intended for end-users of SharePoint, the people who will use SharePoint every day. We will not discuss how to configure or set up a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Some of the later chapters discuss basic customization that a power user may take advantage of, but the lessons are intended for end users

Course Objectives

​To be well learned on SharePoint 2007

Course Audience

​This course is designed for individuals who access information on a SharePoint site or SharePoint site administrators who are responsible for creating and managing a SharePoint site.

Course Outline

The Fundamentals
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Accessing a SharePoint Site
  • Understanding the SharePoint Window
  • Navigating in SharePoint
  • Understanding Permissions and Groups
  • Using Views and Sorting
  • Using Search and Using Help
  • Working with Alerts
Managing Lists
  • Creating a List
  • Working with List Items
  • Customizing a List
Working with Lists
  • Adding an Announcement
  • Adding a Contact Adding Links
  • Viewing the Calendar
  • Adding Events to the Calendar
  • Viewing Task List and Project Task List
  • Adding and Updating Tasks and Milestones
  • Adding a Discussion Topic
  • Replying to a Discussion Topic
Working with Libraries
  • Creating a Library
  • Creating a New Document in a Library
  • Uploading a File or Doc to a Library
  • Working with Images
  • Opening and Editing a Document
  • Checking Out and In a Document
  • Using Versions History
Blogs, Wikis and Workspaces
  • Creating a Wiki Site
  • Working with a Wiki Site
  • Creating a Blog
  • Writing a Blog Post
  • Working with RSS Feeds
  • Creating a Document Workspace
  • Creating a Meeting Workspace
Using SharePoint with Office
  • Synchronize Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts with Outlook
  • Creating a Meeting Workspace from Outlook
  • Create a Document Workspace in Office
  • Working with PowerPoint Slides in SharePoint
  • Export Lists to Excel
Managing Sites
  • Working with Site Settings
  • Customizing Site Appearance and Navigation
  • Adding a User to a Group
  • Working with Groups
  • Working with Web Parts

Course Prerequisites

​To ensure your success, we recommend you have Microsoft Office 2007 power user experience. Experience accessing information via a web browser is also necessary.

Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.