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JB-249 - Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I with RHCJA exam


Duration: 5 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

​After completing this course, you should be prepared to take the Red Hat Certified JBoss Administration (RHCJA) exam This version of the course includes the exam.

Course Objectives

Course Audience

​System administrators who are either new to Red Hat JBoss or have experience with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5

Course Outline

Overview of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • Learn the concepts and terminology of JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform 6, and install and run a JBoss Enterprise Application Platform instance.
  • Configure JBoss Enterprise Application Platform in standalone mode
  • Understand the directory structure of standalone mode and the standalone.xml configuration file, and deploy an application onto a standalone server.
  • Configure JBoss Enterprise Application Platform in domain mode
  • Set up a domain, including a domain controller managing multiple host controllers. Also learn how to deploy an application onto a domain.
  • Configure servers
  • Define a server group on a host, add servers to a server group, and deploy an application to a server group.
  • Use the CLI tool
  • Learn how the command-line interface tool can be used to script administrative tasks.
  • The datasource subsystem
  • Understand database connection pools in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and how to configure the datasource subsystem. Learn how to deploy a Javaâ„¢ Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver and define a datasource.
  • The logging subsystem
  • Configure the logging subsystem, including configuring the built-in handlers and loggers.
  • The messaging subsystem
  • Understand JMS and HornetQ, including how to define and configure connection factories and destinations (topics and queues).
  • The security subsystem
  • Configure the security subsystem, including securing the management interfaces, securing an application, and securing a JMS destination. Also learn how to define a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and database security realm.
  • JVM configuration
  • Configure the JVM for both standalone and domain modes.
  • Migrating applications to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6
  • Understand classpath and module dependencies, JPA issues, updating security settings, and other tips on how to migrate an application to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.
  • The web subsystem
  • Configure the HTTP and HTTPS Connectors, set up an SSL connection, and configure an AJP Connector.
  • Introduction to clustering
  • Set up JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 in a cluster in both standalone and domain mode.

Course Prerequisites

  • Base experience with system administration on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux® operating systems
  • Understanding of hardware and networking
  • No prior knowledge of Java, scripting, or JBoss Developer Studio required
Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.