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Training Delivery Modalities

GSAtrain delivers training via several modalities to accommodate the varied needs of our clients nationwide.


On-Site Training

GSAtrain brings the training to your team at your facility!  We’ll ship the courseware, materials, and even the equipment (if necessary) to your location.  We’ll make arrangements with you to gain access to your training space the week prior to your class to ensure that everything is setup and ready for the instructor to begin class the following week.

Dedicated Training

Don’t have a training classroom at your facility?  Bring your team to our beautiful training facility conveniently located just minutes away from the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.  Our modern facility is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure your team gets the most from their training experience – inside the classroom and during breaks!

Live Virtual Classroom (LVC)

Since many of our clients have their team members deployed in locations across the country, GSAtrain routinely conducts Live Virtual Classes (LVC) where students attend from remote locations (remote office, home, etc.).  Our instructors are very adept at delivering LVCs, and ensure that all students are engaged in the learning process.

High Definition – Instructor Led Training (HD-ILT)

GSAtrain is pleased to announce that we’ve taken our LVC deliveries to the next level with HD-ILT Training.  HD-ILT Training provides a two-way audio/video feed, where students attend from designated remote locations or their home/office[1].  Additionally, our technology enables our instructors conduct 1:1 private sessions with students, including remotely accessing their workstations to help them through challenging labs, etc.


Blended Training

Have a mix of local and remote employees?  GSAtrain will tailor a training environment to meet your needs utilizing all of our available technologies to ensure a seamless, impactful training engagement.


Open Enrollment / Public Classes

While private/team training engagements comprise the majority of our business, GSAtrain also offers Open Enrollment/Public classes for companies with fewer team members – or who can’t have everyone in training at the same time.  GSAtrain utilizes a mix of the above delivery modalities to bring our highly coveted training to corporate students nationwide[2].

[1] Systems, workstation, equipment, and bandwidth requirements apply
[2] GSAtrain is a corporate training provider, and does not accept registrations for Open Enrollment/Public classes from individuals who are not attending on behalf of a company, corporation, or government entity.

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