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Private Tutorials 

Private Tutorials


GSAtrain offers private tutorials, or one-to-one learning. GSAtrain can accommodate specialized learning preferences for those who are
Ø  Preparing to re-enter the workforce and need private training to get up to speed
Ø  Needing to cover a specialized topic quickly, such as pivot tables
Ø  Getting ready for a Microsoft credential
Ø  Becoming the “go-to” person for company migrations to a new technology




For these just-in-time learning situations, GSAtrain’s instructors can tailor a course of action to get the desired results in a short amount of time. With the client in control, GSAtrain  provides
Ø  Flexible delivery (face-to-face or virtual, formal or informal)
Ø  Flexible environment (GSAtrain classroom, client’s desk or local coffee shop)
Ø  Active learning with hands-on practice (from guided facilitation to step-by-step processes)
Ø  An instructor who presents exactly what the client wants.